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Winter Yosemite - Badger Pass and Mariposa Grove

Jan. 19-20, 2002
Finally, we are here to see Yosemite in snow. With Ansel Adams' magnificent images in mind, we are ready to try out our fledgling photography hands.
Friday night, we drove in the park under a stary stary evening sky. Saturday we tried cross country skiing at Badger Pass. Sunday we visited Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequias.

01_snowcave 02_lodgePolePines 03_aspenGrove 04_sunlight_on_snow 05_cone_pineneedles_oakleaves_branch
06_ponderosa 07_ponderosa 08_amongGiants 09_! 10_toothlessSmile
11_bachelorAndThreeGraces 12_A_dead_ponderosa 13_grizzlyGiant 14_forest_yellow 15_snowfield
16_root 17_leanOnMe 18_beethoven 19_misty 20_manzanita
21_oak_setting_sun 22_oakGrove 23_sunset