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Toronto, July 2000

It was the first time that I returned to Toronto ever since Gui and Matthew's wedding in Oct'98. I finally saw their wedding album and their honeymoon pictures (where Venice was so astonishly beautiful that it makes one feels sinful to look at the images)! To continue our theatre going tradition, we went to see "Mamma Mia!" An ABBA musical! Enough said. ABBA songs would never be the same again after the show, trust me! =) We also went sailing and rock climbing (stay tuned for the climbing pix)...
July 1st was Canada Day. This war ship docked at the Queen's Quay, downstair of Gui and Matthew's apartment building, started shooting smoke since earlier morning. As the dusk fell, all the sails (including this beautiful 3 masts one) lined up to leave the harbor, joining the party at the southern end of the lake, where the firework would be at night.
On the streets outside of the Royal Alex Theatre.
Gui and Jean took the same picture from this reflecting wall in 1994
when Jean visited Toronto for the very first time.
A charming fruit stand in the Greek Town.
Jean left her shadow in the view finder while taking the picture.
Newly painted toe nails. =)
China Rose (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) in a Thai Resturant.

Breakfast at Terroni
A charming outdoor cafe on Sunday morning.
Beautiful Waitress
A "Kim Anderson" moment.
Cafe Interior

The wind was perfect, the sky was light blue, waves were like liquid melting glass, birds were flying barely above the water. YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeHAAAAAAAAA!
Gettying ready for sailing.
Gui and Matthew's apartment is the third from the top,
in the building right behind them.
A dream of being away is resting in the harbor.
Sing! My Angel! Sing for me!
The skipper.
The Captain ...
...and his wife. ;)
Attention! Pirate Ship along side of starboard!
Misty trees and the wave.
The view from under the sail.