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Ah, the summer of color is reluctant to fade.
But I think I'm ready for a change of seasons. :)

02_jellyfish Dreamy jelly fish at Monterey Bay Aquarium
July 21
On one scortching day, wondering on the street of Palo Alto for its Arts Festival
Aug. 24
05_streetfair 07_streetfair 08_streetfair Our Summer garden: Impatient, Chinese Hibiscus, Sweet 100, and water lily.
10_backyard 11_backyard 12_backyard 14_backyard 15_backyard
Visit Alpa at her babyshower in the City.
Sep. 6
17_babyshower 18_babyshower 19_babyshower Snapshots:
outdoor concert, lunch in MOMA, Moon Rise @ Gui's,Natural History Museum(NY), &Mi's exhibit at SF City Hall.
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