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Sky Diving July 30, 2000

I don't have pictures of the dive itself, because one has to experience it on his/her own. It was from out of this world. I never knew such sensation was possible, let alone that humble creatures such as ourselves were allowed to experience it. We went to 13,000 ft, which translates to 60 seconds of free fall. I was too in awe with its beauty and peace to feel scared. In that minute, eternity seems possible, it was as if it would never end. I wish it would never end. The thought of sky diving is a lot more terrifying than the act itself. You will see when you try it yourself!
_0.tree_at_horizon _1.jean_and_tandem_instructor_vradi _2.Josh_demonstrate_packing_Parachute _3.vradi_and_gp_getting_ready _4.vradi_and_gp_leaving_for_plane
_0.tree_at_horiz... _1.jean_and_tand... _2.Josh_demonstr... _3.vradi_and_gp_... _4.vradi_and_gp_...
_5.vrandi_and_gp_waling_to_plan _6.Landing _7.waiting1 _8.waiting2_samir_cp _9.waiting3
_5.vrandi_and_gp... _6.Landing.jpg _7.waiting1.jpg _8.waiting2_sami... _9.waiting3.jpg
10.skydiver_and_cafeshop 11.JoshBethLastDive 12.I_found_a_waterbottle 14.mushroom_tent_closeup 15.view_through_door_2
10.skydiver_and_... 11.JoshBethLastD... 12.I_found_a_wat... 14.mushroom_tent... 15.view_through_...
16.view_through_the_door 17.chute_in_sky2 18.chute_in_sky4 19.shop1 20.shop2
16.view_through_... 17.chute_in_sky2... 18.chute_in_sky4... 19.shop1.jpg 20.shop2.jpg