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Spring 2002
Saw two amazing photography shows this Spring:
Migrations: Photographs by Sebastiao Salgado, at Berkeley Art Museum
Edward Weston: The Last Years in Carmel, at SF MOMA
Photographers are like thieves, they steal what touched their souls.
And here are some attempts at collecting my own booties...
Berkeley Art Museum was built in the 60's (opened in 1970). Its modern design and rough concrete interior is very Berkeley. I was intrigued by its layered terraces. Salgado's exhibit extended to all five levels of its gallery rooms. I didn't notice the climbing till I was at the very top, the end of the exhibition. Looking down, the museum looks like a maze. Unknowing viewers became exhibits themselves. Neat.
berkeleyArtMuseum1 berkeleyArtMuseum2 berkeleyArtMuseum3 berkeleyArtMuseum4
I rarely go IN Sony Metreon's shopping maze, but the glassy and concrete exterior are interesting.
metreon metreon_curve metreon_painting moma
The famous "zebra lines" of SF MOMA... ...and some interesting curves, too.
moma_balcony moma_glass moma_stairs moma_stairs_bw
moma_yerbaBuenaCenterFortheArts moma_linse_colors_2 moma_window_bw moma_interia
Sympnony Hall and War Memorial Hearst Theatre, across street from City Hall. symphonyHall_bw warMemorial_bw warMemorial_window
Finally, some street scenes of San Francisco...
windows_sunset_treebranches z_spearSt_sunset zembacdaro zembacdero_floorpattern
zsf_deli zsf_leavenworth