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San Francisco - Fort Point, Surfers Hangout, June 11, 2005

Mi told me about Fort Point a while ago. We finally made it here one sunny morning in June. What a beautiful place! The morning was sparkling and breezy. People were running, biking, and surfing! All in front of a gorgeous backdrop: Golden Gate Bridge, Fog covered mysterious looking Marin Headland, aqua marin bay dotted with colorful sails, and the most beautiful skyline: the City of San Francisco... I kicked off my heels, sitting in the sun by the rock, camera in hand, watching the surfers, taking pictures, drinking in the lovely morning's every strand of sun ray mixed with the smell of salt water...
The entire sequence of a surfer's action couldn't help but make one think of life itself. The preparation, the frantic peddling, the anticipation, the trying to catch on the wave, the success and the failure. All done in such rapid succesion. Mesmerizing.