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A Lovely Sunday

It is my blessing to be able to spend such a lovely Sunday with lovely friends, to enjoy some arts, some sunshine, good food, and entertainment. One day like this makes all that hardworking hours bareable. I felt I could now dive back into another week of hard labor, even just to look forward to another weekend like this...
Bought more daisies to keep the glorious sunflowers company...

01_daisy_sunflower 02_kitchen_corner A corner of our eat-in kitchen. The pictures were taken by Mi of his old apartment in New York. The coffee maker was a Christmas gift from Gui and Matthew. It was a combination of coffee grinder and a coffee maker, coffee beans in, coffee out! :) African violet was from mom, the little red wooden shoe of a pen holder was from my friend Bonnie who bought this for me on one of her many consulting trips to Europe. The two books on the shelf were from Gui, one for cookie making, one for Italian cooking. 03_sunflowers
Dali Exhibit. All show pieces (with approx. two exceptions) are for sale! Amazing. It was like capitalism to its truest form. Let's go straight to business. Price range from $190 for a small illustration reprint, to hundreds of thousands of an original watercolor. This wall is my favorite. The entire set comes with its own price tag of $24k. How unbelieveably beautiful is this! I couldn't take my eyes off them. Simply fantastic! 04_dali_casanova 05_dali_exhibitCenter The exhibit is at 7th and Branna. My guess was right, it was the exact location where I had my first Android party-the Great Gatsby one. Interesting. I could still see the dance floor, the catering tables, the huge white roses centerpiece at the entrance, the tuxedo clad young men holding out trays of Champane...lovely days...indeed.
Gui and M took me to this little pizzetta on 23rd Ave. and California. A very San Franciscan, politically correct, and environmental friendly "hole-in-the-wall" tiny resturant. Yumm!!! 06_pizzetta211 07_pizzeta211_interior 08_pizzeta211_pizza