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From Mediterranean to Hudson Bay

Where the Time begins -Greenwich Observatory, 5/97 CheckMate! (or not?) -Stockholm, 5/97 Antibe, 5/97 Sunset in Downtown Chicago, did you see the watertower? 10/96
A city frozen in time. -Quebec City, 8/94 Rooftop of the World. -Aurec sur la Seine, 7/94 Courtyard with wild flowers. -Canne 5/97 Ahhhh, Social Center. -St. Charles, 10/96
The "drunk princess"s villa. - Cyrille's Family Villa, Aix-en-Provence. 5/97Picture yourself partied all night in Marseille's old port. After drinking plenty margarita, and god knows what; yourfriend dragged you into the car, you slept all the way, then in the dim light of dawn, you opened your eyes and saw a largeiron gate open up to a drive-way, you were driven to the door of this villa, led down the dark hallway, into a round room. Got the picture?That was how I first saw this house. The house was actually next to Cezan Museum. Through the kitchen window, you have a perfect view ofMt. Sainte-Victoire, which Cezan painted over and over again.