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Barcelona á10/98

"There are many 'Black and White' cities, like New York, Paris. Barcelona is definitely NOTone of them."

Treasure on the ceiling - Parc Guell
Hans Andersen was said to regard Barcelona as a city from a fantasy. I wonder if he got hisidea of little mermain from this fountain. Ha.
The lace-like bench in Parc Guell
My favorite spot to linger. What do you think these steel sculptures are? Mom thinks they are sails!
A wedding was in progress. -Santa Maria Church in Plaša de Pi, which claims the greatestrose windows in Europe.
Fruits! Fruits! Fruits! -le Boqueria, the most popular market in the city.
Musical Hall of Catalana. How I wish you could see its fantastic interior! Pictures were not allowedinside. =(
It reminds me of Happer's "Room by the sea", what do you think? -Miro Museum roof
Oh, Heavens! The most beautiful candel shop in the world! -Port Vell