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Jean and the City, NYC
01 New York City, Feb. 14-18, 2003

I arrived at JFK on Friday morning, Feb. 14th. The sun just started rising, the bare branches and concrete buildings were slowly painted red, a beautiful winter day has began. Mi went to work and I went to NY MOMA at Queens to see Matisse-Picasso exhibit.

picasso_selfportrait_palett matisse_selfportrait It turned out to be one of the best painting show I've seen ever. Even though I have seen majority of the paintings in Paris, Nice, Antibe, London, and other cities from Europe. It took my breath away to see all these grand works by two masters all in one place, side by side. In 3 hours, I walked from room to room, dazzled by the masterpieces on the wall. What a feast for the eyes!
I met up with Mi after he got off work. Grabbed a bite at Chinatown's duck place and went to Broadway for the Lion King -- Mi's first musical experience ever.
The Lion King
Saturday we woke up to another sunny day. We arrived in Manhattan's uptown just in time to catch the anti-war demonstration crowd marching toward UN Headquarter at 42th and 1st.
Majority of the people were very young, student-looking. But we did see some grannies, too. Both the demonstrators and the police were well prepared. The atmosphere were enthusiastic but peaceful.
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Lots of people with various cameras walking among them, like Mi and me. I over heard a guy carrying three or four cameras yelling on his cellphone "It is a dreamday for ordinary photographer like me!" Another time, when Mi signaled a "Thank you" to a police man, the police man turned to his buddy and laughed "I've got more picture taken today than my whole life combined!"
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11 13 After the demonstration, we continued walking downtown and took some pictures of the very New York "steam chimneys". 10 Went to Flushing for dinner at a new Szechwen restaurant. 15
Sunday was cold and gloomy. "It's going to snow." Mi said as we were walking to B&H, "I can smell the snow in the air." He was right. Snow came with the dusk. When we finished dinner, a storm was waiting for us on the street. "I don't think your flight will be able to leave tomorrow." Mi said happily when we finally got home. I looked like a snowman by then. Melting snow was dripping down my face. The snow was to continue through the night...and the following day...
In the morning, we found we were completely snowed in. Approximately 3 feet of the snow was piled high against our "front" door. We learned from the radio that LaGuadia was closed completely, JFK and Newark each has one run way open for emergency landing and international flight only. All domestic flights were cancelled. The white-out condition and rapidly piling snow made the streets dangerous even for SUVs, many people abandaned their cars on the highway and started walking. The mayor was urging everyone to stay home and stay warm.
I rebooked my flight for Tuesday night. Luckily we did our grocery shopping the night before and stayed up late making loads of wonton. Mi made breakfast: rice porridge and fried golden wontons. We enjoyed the delicious breakfast inside Mi's warm little apartment. Afterwards, we set off to dig ourselves out! 16 17 18 19
20 The next day on the street of East Village. The city workers had beenplowing streets all night, the avenues of New York City were all clear. The cars parked by the streets, however, were still burried.
I met up with Mi at lunch time. He took me to a hole-in-the-wall "Thai Food" restaurant. The curry was delicious.
Then came the time to say good-bye...