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Jean and the City, NYC
New York City, Auguest 15-17, 2003

In the early morning of Friday, August 15, 2003, I arrived in JFK. "Blackout of 2003" was in full force. The power was restored completely on Saturday. We went to Manhattan and stumbled upon Centennial of Flight at Rockefeller Center. On Sunday we went to Chelsea and walked into the midst of a street fair. Later we wondered around the flea market a bit.

Aug. 16, 2003
01_Chelsea_Street_Fair 02_Flea_Market 03_Flea_Market
  01_Chelsea_Stree... 02_Flea_Market.jpg 03_Flea_Market.jpg
CENTENNIAL OF FLIGHT at Rockefeller Center, 1903-2003
04_1912_Deperdussin 05_Red_Baron 06_1945_P-51_Mustang 07_Heritage_Pavilion
04_1912_Deperdus... 05_Red_Baron.jpg 06_1945_P-51_Mus... 07_Heritage_Pavi...
08_F-16_Fighting_Falcon 09_unmanned_RQ-1A_Predator 10_AV-8C_Harrier_II_Navy_Jet 11_supersonic  
08_F-16_Fighting... 09_unmanned_RQ-1... 10_AV-8C_Harrier... 11_supersonic.jpg
foot hand-1 hand-2 Z-head
SoHo Starbucks - Feet SoHo Starbucks - Hand-1 SoHo Starbucks - Hand-2 Yawwwwwn!