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Taungpulu Kaba Aye Monastery, Boulder Creek

Jan. 5, 2002
An unworldly sanctuary in the redwoods. It is hard to tell where the previous life ends, where the next begins...

Unable to sit upon that lotus, budda-like, quietly
I'm human, my place is upon this dusty yellow earth
Every droplet of emotion that I desire
Bliss or sorrow, no matter
If it is marked as my fate, I shall shoulder, willingly
01_budda_goldenPagoda_redwoods 02_goldenPagoda 03_buddaHead_tile
Even though I know someday, they will all vanquish into the air
With all my heart, I still collect these
beautifully entangled memories, which says, I have lived, once.
--Mu Rong Xi, Taiwan
04_worshipers 05_teenager_pagoda 06_budda_redTable
07_picnictables_redwoods 08_skyward 09_wierdos 10_cabin_in_the_woods Further along hwy 236, quietly stood Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We took a stroll among the beautiful redwood giants.
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