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Anissa & Stéfan

If you are ever invited to a wedding in south France, GO! It was a party that never seem to end. I ran out of film before the band started playing in front of the château. People were singing, whispering, dancing, taking a nap, or chatting, all the while the sun was setting, drawing golden shadows on the green grass. The meditarrenean was in the distant horizon, wind was gentle, air was sweet. Then it was evening gown time, cocktail, dinner, and disco till dawn...

The Ceremony
The ceremony was held in the City Hall of Mougins, a little charming village north of Cannes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bride!
Waiting for the Mayor...
Exchange Rings
Rice Time!
Classic Post by Mark and Stéfan
A very French way to celebrate. Wedding guests' cars jammed one direction of the road outside the City Hall. We waited around for 30 minutes or so for the newly wed's mobile to come through, meanwhile, no one gets mad. other drivers will patiently use the one way lane to pass by, honking their horns, smiling, and waving at us.

The Reception - Domaine de Castellaras
The lunch reception was held on the terrace of the Château. There was a pool, from where one can see the village of Mougins in the horizon, where the city hall was.

Domaine de Castellaras
Lunch Reception
The view
The newly wed.
A short sunny rain.
After lunch, guests got in their swimming suits. Throwing people in the pool seems to be a popular exercise. =)
Sunset over the mountains - a grand view from the Château.