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Nice 6/10-6/13/99

Nice, where the eighteenth-century aristocrats used to come for their retreat, where F. Scott Fitzgerald chose as the stage for the beginning scene from Tender is the Night, where Matisse spent most of his winters since 1916 and painted bright color under the Mediterranean light. A city where modern world fast pace meets old world grandeur. The lazy ocean air has the scent of the resort relaxing sweetness that is mixed together with the grace of a cosmopolitan city by the blue blue Mediterranean.

Cours Saleya located between the Vieux Nice and the Med. It was filled with open air restaurants and cafes. We had our first dinner at one of the restaurants called Le Criee. Mom discovered a special kind of sauce that came with the fish stew she ordered. Yummy.
The Place Massena was surrounded with beautiful red buildings. In the center was a large group of fountains. The fortress of the old town glimmered on the hills in the distance.
The next day we slept till 3pm in the afternoon! When we walked out of our hotel by the Med, we saw this tiny car that Mom fell in love with immediately! Note the blue Med across from Promenade des Anglais.
I heard about Chagall from the new Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts movie Notting Hill. Where Julia Roberts made a comment on the painting Hugh Grant had in his living room. "Floating in a deep deep blue sky, I think that is how love feels like..." I fell for Chagall right then. Most of his paintings in this museum are illustrations of Biblical events. There is a childlike delight and innocence in his brush strokes.
Matisse Museum. The villa itself is like a 3-dimentional statement of Matisse's work. Simply standing there, the villa had a unique beauty that shone above its surroundings, and it did not have the slightest bit of self-consciousness or weariness.
A quiet sunset on the blue Mediterranean.
Walking around the old town, I suddenly came across this building. The shadow and its corridors caught my eyes. I call it the Escher building.