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Mougins 6/12/99

Mougins is a little exquisite town north of Cannes. It is known for its sophisticated setting, fine restaurants, and luxurious villas.

A new addition to Jean's "window" collection.
Nappy's French cousin with flat ears poked his head out to see what all the noise was about. =)
A charming open air cafe in the village of Mougins.
The village of Mougins are built in a circular fashion on the hilltop. The narrow street was laid out like a spiral staircase from the bottom of the hill to the top. Flowers and plants were lined up along the narrow yet pretty path.
While taking a tour of the village of Mougins, we passed these hilltop luxurious villas. Mom likes the flower arrangement of this one.
Jean and her beloved blue window.
Jean is showing off her new hat in front of one villa.
A vista view from the hilltop of the village.
Mom and Daughter at Castellara. The village at the horizon is Mougins.