Bangkok - Market & Streets Nov. 24-29, 2003

Our exploration of Bangkok started with Mae Nam Chao Phraya (The River of Kings). It was only walking distance from our hotel, and it hosts the highly recommended form of transportation by all of our guide books—Express Boat. Growing up in landlocked Beijing, seeing such abandoned water in one river is equal to extravaganza. It was such a happy sight and the welcoming cool breeze was a wonderful relief. It could turn one’s entire being to bliss.

01_beautifulBoatsWe saw many beautiful long boats with flower bows hanging off its front. Gui said it reminded her of Venice. Later we rent one to tour the old town: Thonburi. 02_flowervendors 02_plumeria
03_cafeWe went to a small cafe on a bustling main street. It had air-conditioning!! What bliss! After the cool air restored some liveliness into me, i realized it was a rather modern cafe, and the clientals were largely college students. Modern paintings on the wall were for sale, just like University Cafe in Palo Alto! :)
08_careForSpiritsIt was said that in Thailand there were more spirits than humans. Each store, each dwelling, each temple, each street all has its own resident spirits. As a result, you see this kind of spirit house and offerings everywhere. People tend to put spirits ahead of themselves. Often you'd see an elaborate spirit house with ornate decorations standing on the patio of a wooden shack.
04_pumpkins 05_limeBanana 07_fruitVendor 09_fruits 10_flowermarket
10_moreroses 10_roses We got up early on the second day and went to a local's fruit and flower market. There were so many strange looking species. Maybe thanks to the humidity, flower and plants seemed to grow easily here. Delicate orchid were easily seen everywhere. They seemed hardy and happy here.
13_spaceForMonks (On the Express boat)
"Space for Monks!" :)
14_monk 11_lotus 17_flowerCurtain
19_restaurant The last day in Bangkok. I went to a small restaurant close to my hotel. For 100 baht(approx.$2.5), I had a salad, a ice drink, and a fried fish. Yumm. Noticed the decorations on their wall was very interesting. The King, a high-ranking Monk, a Japanese cartoon character and Pepsi commercials. :)
During the morning and late afternoon, I also went to the famouse JJ weekend market...
21_waxFruits 22_paintings 23_lamps 24_bracelets 25_streets
26_tiles 27_ornamentBooth 28_artsAndArtists 29_artists 30_cafeInJJ
31_vendor 32_foodstandGirl 33_foodstand 34_watercurtain 35_windcham
36_camouflage Camouflaged merchendise were everywhere, packpacks, t-shirts, cargo-pants, even sandals! Kind of sad to realize maybe in this quiet and happy corner of the world, American military superpower is being worshipped. My purchases!! 23_purchase