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The Tuxedo Brothers, 2000

A couple of weeks ago, we went to Tri-City Animal Shelter to check out the kitten selection. Originally we planned to adopt one cat. But once Jean laid her eyes on this pair of kittens, there was no turning back. The people at the shelter affectionatedly called them the "Tuxedo Brothers" because their black and white coats resemble the tux perfectly! Alice wanted to call them Armani and Valentino, after the famouse tux makers. Jean wanted to name them after trouble makers, which were the main reason she fell in love with them. They were the most energetic kittens in the pond. So their current names are Paris (the one with the white goatee) and Mars.
Someone left them in the nightly deposit box at the shelter on Sep. 6th. We took them home on Sep. 22nd (we turned over Jean and Alice's bathroom to them). They were estimated to be 6-8 weeks old. So far, they were the most adorable creatures in the world! First of all, they know to use the litter box! Secondly, they don't "meao" at all until Jean shows up in the morning, no matter how hungry they are! Last but not the least, they purrrrrrrrrrr like two little machines nonstop! =)
00.prisoners 01.2littlemice 02.mars_poster 03.paris_poster 04.bedroom
The little Prisoners at Tri-City Animal Shelter. Checking out their new place! Mars, the silent but tough little fighter(don't be fooled by his innocent face!), is named after the War God. Paris, the trouble maker with a little white goatee, is named after the Troy Prince who abducted Helen. Their "loft" style bedroom.
05.diningRoom 06.drinkingFountain 07.BodyGuard 08.play 09.alert
"Downstair" is the dining room. I forgot how quiet and delicate they can be when drinking water. Nappy was one very stressed-out bodyguard. Note that Mom has pinned up the brother's "prisoner" picture on their door to claim their territory. Wrestling in Jean's room. Alert
10.ChinkOfSun 11.withJean 12.bottles 13.longing 14.climbing
Mars is enjoying a little chink of sun on the floor. With Jean Silhouette Longing Climbing?
15.climbeOn 16.aquarium 17.mars_nappy 18.marsInFlower_nappy 19.colorfulbottles
Climb On! Aquarium & Paris Close Encounter Hiding In the Plants Colorful Bottles
20.chinajar 21.brothers 22.brosCarpet
China Jar Brothers Sun