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Holiday Season 2003

Another holiday season, another year ended and a new one starts...It was a cozy two-person-two-cat-one-dog Christmas for Jean and Mi, an exciting one for Alice and Aiqi in the Galapagos. For new year's eve, we were all home together and Mi cooked a feast for us. :) (Most of the photos are photographed by Mi)

01_cat_dog 02_group0 03_group1 04_jean_alice
Mars and Nappy spent many evenings snuggled together on the sofa with us. Everyone was trying to convince Nappy to sit down in front of us so we could have a family photo together. Eventually Alice had to ride on Nappy to hold him down and a Kodak moment was achived. Sisters!
05_jean_bedroom_windowsill 06_jean_mars 07_mars 08_mars_nap
Colorful bottles on Jean's bedroom windowsill. Does Jean and Mars look alike? Mi suggested drawing some whisker on Jean's face would make them a perfect match! Mars waiting to be let out to the backyard. Mars taking a nap in the afternoon sunlight.
09_mars_sunlight 10_dinner 11_breakfast_chinesestyle 12_breakfast_westernstyle
Mars enjoying his time out in the elements. Feast for two prepared by Mi. Chinese style breakfast. Western style breakfast.