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Aiqi's Garden - 2001

From tulips in the Spring, to waterlilies in the summer to gardenia in the winter, Aiqi's garden has had a wonderful year. "Night Blooming Cereus" bloomed with three flowers at once! After their "one night wonder", Aiqi used their flowers to make Cereus soup!

01_tulip 02_tulip_shadow 03_tulip_closeup 04_spring_bloom 05_ameryllis
06_waterlily_pink 07_rose 08_bougainvillea 09_orchid 10_rose
11_cacti 12_daisy 13_begonia 14_night_blooming_ceceus 15_waterlily_yellow
cat_gardenia night_blooming_cereus TanHua_face TanHua_side TanHua_soup