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Anita - The New Member of the Family

Mom picked up Anita from East Palo Alto, a little town that was known for its drug traffic and street violence. Anita was from a litter of five (4 girls and 1 boy), the smallest but the one with the best form and coloring. She was gentler than the other sisters, closely following her mother everywhere. Unlike the others, she actually let Aiqi held her. Then and there, in a ghetto-like place with second-hand TV, bicycles piled up in the front door, strange people came and went, a small German Shepherd's fate was decided. Mom took her home, she became our Anita.

First Day: Her eyes were full of fear. The sight of Nappy scared her to pieces; she whimpered and struggled to hide herself in the darkest corner of the garage. Mom gave her a bath, probably the first bath in her entire life, all 11 weeks of it. Three buckets of muddy water later, she was soft and clean. Throughout the bath, she was incredibly quiet and obedient. Listening to mom described her quietness, i thought of our cats. They were equally well behaved. The fate of abandoned children are alike, it seems. They have tasted the tougher side of life way too early. They knew not to ask for too much and to minimize trouble for anyone else. Under comparison, Nappy's childhood was far more pampered, as a result, he was a rather willful and spoiled puppy.
00_WhoAreYou 01_FirstBath 02_MyBed 03_Tired
00_WhoAreYou.jpg 01_FirstBath.jpg 02_MyBed.jpg 03_Tired.jpg
Second Day: It was only the second day, but she was so much more relaxed now. Could you tell? We started to have a glimpse of her playfulness...She picked a corner in the kitchen and stuck to it. Sitting upright, she looked like a true German Shepherd, dignified and noble. But once she stood up, her malnutrition was in plain view; i likened her condition to Ethiopian refugee children. And I wasn't exaggerating either. She was just bone and skins. However, she has a beautiful coat and her bone structures were slender and quite elegant. One could imagine a beautiful girl soon to emerge. One huge progress she made was to share a room with Nappy without becoming too frightened. Nappy has been a complete gentleman so far, absolute tolerance of her. Never barked at or threatened his little sister in anyway. He kept his distance but was very curious of the little black thing.
Alert Coat HeiMM HeyYou
Alert.jpg Coat.jpg HeiMM.jpg HeyYou.jpg
Listening MyCorner PassportPhoto_1 PassportPhoto_2
Listening.jpg MyCorner.jpg PassportPhoto_1.jpg PassportPhoto_2.jpg
Sleepy Toy What WhatEver
Sleepy.jpg Toy.jpg What.jpg WhatEver.jpg
Day Three: Playing with Nappy and trying to destroy Cats' toy, Anita is now officially one happy puppy. :)
LittleThing Mine Nap NewWorld
OhMy Sniffing Waitting  
Day Five: Nappy finally accepted Anita to share his cushion.